Ture Traditional Italian Cooking

The difference between American "Italian dishes" and real Italian meal prepared by on of Tuscany's renowned chef's is world's apart. But when you add to that the medieval village where the classes are held, which is located in the hillsides of the Tuscany region, you begin to get a sense of just how special this cooking class is. What set's it apart from a typical cooking class is not simply the difference between cooking food and preparing food, it is the setting in which you learn the secret's of a true master chef.

Choice A) 3 Hour Class at Lunch or Dinner time

During the class, you will prepare and eat a traditional Tuscan four course meal: -antipasto -fresh pasta -main course -dessert

Each dish will be served hot as you create it, then you continue cooking the next course.

Includes: School apron, certificate, food and wine 95 Euros per person

Choice B) Full Day Class for 5 hours (available on a Wednesday or Saturday)

If you want more than the half-day, choose this one. Your day starts with selecting the ingredients at the local fresh market. You will meet for a cappuccino and brioche at the the Certaldo bar, then head for the fresh market to see what looks best. Once you've gathered your items, you return to the school for a light lunch before you start the meal preparation. You will be creating:

-antipasto -fresh pasta -main course -dessert Included in this package is your bakery breakfast, light lunch, market tour, food, wine, apron and certificate 140 Euros per person